9 Arched Cabinets that will Transform Any Space in Your Home

9 Arched Cabinets that will Transform Any Space in Your Home

Arched cabinets are a great way to transform any space in your home. They provide the perfect balance of style and storage, making them an excellent option for modern living spaces. Since their distinctive arched shape is not as common as traditional cabinet shapes, they can make your home look unique and elegant.

Arched cabinets come in various styles and various materials, including wood,  metal, and glass. This wide variety of options might make it difficult for you to choose the best arched cabinets for home. In this article, we will list the most stylish arched cabinets of 2023. No matter what your style or budget is, there’s an option on this list that will suit your needs.

What are the Best Arched Cabinets for Home in 2023

1. Anthropologie Fern Arched Storage Cabinet

Anthropologie Fern Arched Storage Cabinet

The Fern Arched Storage Cabinet from Anthropologie has a unique two-toned design with a beautiful arched silhouette, ash wood shelves, and marble-topped drawers. In fact, it has been featured in many lifestyle magazines and blogs. This ash wood storage cabinet has Carrara marble-topped drawers and tempered glass doors. The drawers open on wooden glides and offer so much space for hidden storage, and the stylish ash wood shelves are adjustable.

The cabinet is available in four colors: grey, sage, warm white, and black. The black arched storage cabinet creates a classic, timeless look, while the lighter-colored options create a softer feel.

Dimensions: 74″H, 38″W, 16.25″ D
Price: $2,698.00

2. Pottery Barn Scout Display Cabinet

Are you looking for a classy curio cabinet to display books, curated collections, or special occasion dinnerware? The Scout Display Cabinet from Pottery Barn is a beautiful piece created from solid kiln-dried oak wood. Oak is an extremely durable wood with gorgeous open grain, and kiln drying helps prevent splitting, warping, cracking, and developing mildew. So the strength and durability of this cabinet are guaranteed! This robust cabinet comes with four shelves: two adjustable shelves and two fixed shelves, giving you the best of both worlds. It also comes with adjustable levelers to provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Pottery Barn Scout Display Cabinet is available in two finishes: matte black and drifted oak finishes. These stunning finishes make the Scout Display Cabinet one of the most stylish arched cabinets of 2023.

Dimensions: 84″ H, 38″ W, 19″ D 
Price: $4199.00

3. Crate & Barrel Ventana Arched Cabinet

Crate & Barrel Ventana Arched Cabinet

Crate & Barrel Ventana Arched Cabinet is a zinc-colored iron creation with black-painted shelves and light-reflecting glass panes, adding a contemporary look and feel to a living room or library. It has three painted fixed wood shelves to hold your treasures. It is available in two dimensions, and these are labeled as two different products: Ventana Glass Display Storage Cabinet and Ventana Wide Metal Display Storage Cabinet. Ventana Wide Metal Display Storage Cabinet is wider than Ventana Glass Display Storage Cabinet, and there is also a difference in price, as indicated below.

Ventana Wide Metal Display Storage Cabinet

Dimensions:  88.5″ H, 60″ W, 16.5″ D
Price: $2,999.00

Ventana Glass Display Storage

Dimensions:  92.5″H, 39.5″W, 16.75″ D
Price: $2,099.00

4. Lulu and Georgia Apolline Curio Cabinet

Lulu and Georgia Apolline Curio Cabinet

The striking Apolline Curio Cabinet from Lulu and Georgia is made of oak wood and has a sleek blackened finish, making it one of the best-arched cabinets of 2023. Its two clear glass doors open to reveal four spacious interior shelves. These shelves are removable, making it easy for you to arrange your precious items in the cabinet. This strong cabinet also has a weight capacity of 121 lb. It comes in only one color or finishes, that is black.

Dimensions: 84″H, 38″W, 19″ D
Price: $4,199

5. Arhaus Hattie Glass Cabinet

Arhaus Hattie Glass Cabinet

This artisan-crafted Hattie Glass Cabinet from Arhaus is the perfect addition to your living room to display your favorite curiosities and everyday essentials. It’s made with solid oak wood and oak veneers and features one fixed shelf and two adjustable shelves. The bottom part of the cabinet provides ample room for hidden storage. You can also choose this cabinet from two finishes and two dimensions: shiitake and ebony and 46″ and 36″.

Arhaus Hattie Glass Cabinet – 46″

Dimensions:  89″H, 46″W, 19″ D
Price: $5,299.00

Arhaus Hattie Glass Cabinet – 36″

Dimensions: 79″H, 36″W, 19″ D
Price: $4,699.00

6. One Kings Lane Christopher Iron Arched Cabinet, Black

One Kings Lane Christopher Iron Arched Cabinet, Black

This classic Christopher Iron Arched Cabinet from One Kings Lane is made purely with iron and glass. The two transparent glass doors open to reveal four shelves built with iron. This is one of the less expensive cabinet options in our list of best arched cabinets for home, but it does offer you plenty of space for storage and display. As its name suggests, it comes in a black finish.

Dimensions: 86.75″H, 40″W,16.25″ D
Price: $2,795.00

7. West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet

West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet

If you are looking for a unique arched cabinet with an arched door, West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet is the perfect choice for you. Its iron frame, brass fittings, and clear glass panes can add a chic touch to any room in your home. This cabinet houses four fixed shelves, offering ample display storage for your barware, books, or curio collection.

West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet comes in two finishes: gunmetal and light oak. The former has a more even color tone, whereas the latter does not. In the light oak option, only the back panel of the cabinet has an oak color, while the iron frame remains the same. So in terms of aesthetics, we recommend the gunmetal option.

Dimensions: 92.5″H, 39.5″W, 16.5″ D
Price: $2,399

8. McGee & Co Javier Cabinet

McGee & Co Javier Cabinet

This textured and refined Javier Cabinet from McGee & Co is made from mindi wood, rattan, and tempered glass. It has a blonde natural finish, with four shelves at the top for the display of items and four drawers for hidden storage at the bottom. Its rattan interior enhances the organic detail, and glass panel doors elevate the simple rounded form, making it one of the most unique designs in this list for the most stylish arched cabinets of 2023. It’s also the most expensive arched cabinet on this list.

Dimensions: 83″ H, 40″ W, 20″ D
Price: $7,625.00

9. McGee & Co Brookes Cabinet

McGee & Co Brookes Cabinet

The next item in our list of best arched cabinets for home is also from McGee & Co. McGee & Co Brookes Cabinet is crafted from iron and makes a great addition to your home or office. This strikingly bold design creates a moody feel and is a perfect way to add high contrast to your space. It has a rounded, slender form and comes with four practical fixed shelves and two glass doors.

There are three finishes for you to choose from: cream powder coat, vintage white oak, and black. The cream powder coat design has a very light color, while the vintage white oak design has a black frame and a white back panel. The black finish, on the other hand, is designed entirely in black.

Dimensions: 87″ H, 40″ W, 16″ D
Price: $2,800.00

Comparison Summary – Top Arched Cabinets of 2023

There are several things you have to consider when selecting an arched cabinet. Some of these are their dimensions, appearance, number of drawers and shelves, core materials, and price. In the following table, we have compiled these essential features.

Anthropologie Fern Arched Storage Cabinet74″38″16.25″36AshwoodGrey, sage, warm white, and black$2,698
Pottery Barn Scout Display Cabinet74″38″16.25″4NoneOakwoodMatte black and drifted oak$2,698
Crate & Barrel Ventana Arched Cabinet88.5″
IronMetal Display
Glass Display
Lulu and Georgia Apolline Curio Cabinet84″38″19″4NoneBlackOak$4,199
Arhaus Hattie Glass Cabinet89″
OakwoodShiitake and ebony$5,299
One Kings Lane Christopher Iron Arched Cabinet, Black86.75″40″16.25″4NoneIronBlack$2,795
West Elm Payson Tall Cabinet92.5″39.5″16.5″4NoneIronGunmetal and light oak$2,399
McGee & Co Javier Cabinet83″40″20″44Mindi wood & rattanBlond natural$7,625
McGee & Co Brookes Cabinet87″40″16″4NoneIronCream powder coat, vintage white oak, and black$2,800


We hope you enjoyed our roundup of 9 best arched cabinets for home! Arched cabinets suit both traditional homes and modern homes. Whether you’re looking for a way to add some extra storage or just want to change up the look of your home, these cabinets are a great option. So don’t wait any longer, start shopping for the perfect arched cabinets of 2023 today!